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How POS display stands differ from retail stands

point of sale product stands

If you run a bricks and mortar business and are looking to really enhance your company image and branding, while maximizing your profits in the process, you’ve likely considered investing in a display stand of some sort. POS display stands are a great option.


Product display stands come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, colors, and designs, and serve a multitude of different purposes. Display stands can be used to promote your business and products, they can enhance your company image, and they can simply make it easier for customers to find and purchase your products.


When choosing product display stands, it’s important to know which kind to go with. Retail stands and POS (point of sale) product stands are the most common examples you’ll find in stores but how do they differ, and which would be best for your business?


How are POS product stands different to retail stands?

A POS product stand is best suited in a retail environment. They should not be confused with exhibition display stands, which are best suited solely for marketing, advertising, and brand awareness. POS stands are designed to help boost sales.


POS stands are typically placed at checkouts within stores, or in locations where purchases and sales are made – hence the name. These stands are most commonly made from cardboard, though they can be made from other materials such as wood, plastic, UPVC, and powder coated metal.


Regular retail stands differ as they can be placed throughout a store, rather than in locations where sales and purchases are made, such as checkouts. Retail stands may advertise products, display products, or a combination of both.


Different types of POS display stands

While there are many different types of POS display stands to choose from, the following four from us at ColorWood Latvia are particularly popular, and would make great additions to a variety of different establishments.


Promotional Display Stand with Posters

display stand with posters


This promotional display stand with posters is ideal for any business out there looking for a simple, no-nonsense way of displaying their products while marketing and promoting their products and their business in the process.


Featuring 4 shelves, this wooden display stand features a full side print poster on either side, and space on the top for a large promotional poster for complete branding. As it is wood, it is still sustainable and eco-friendly, yet is much sturdier than cardboard.


The large shelves are also very spacious and can withstand a lot of weight, making them ideal for displaying heavier products along with lighter ones.


Multibranded Promotional Display Stand

multibranded promotional display stand

Another ideal POS product display stand is this multibranded promotional display standThis is another one of POS display stands that is perfect for converting sales while also serving as a great form of marketing and promotion.


Made from wood, this stand offers multi-branding opportunities as it allows up to 5 different posters to be displayed at once, all in different locations on the display. Add to that, the fact that it features 3 shelves for 3 different products, it’s easy to see why this is such a fantastic POS display for businesses really looking to push their brand and market their products.


In an attractive bright white color, the display stand can be assembled easily in a matter of minutes.


5 Tier Wooden Crate Display Stand

wooden crate display stand

If you want a rustic, quirky, and eye-catching POS display for your business, be sure to check out this  5 tier wooden display standThis wooden crate display stand features 5 shelves which are 40cm x 60cm in size, though they can be customized based upon your requirements.


The sloping design helps provide an aesthetic look while also showcasing more products and enhancing their visibility. You can also choose a selection of colors and various printing options.


180cm high, 55cm deep, and 64cm wide, this large display stand  is made from veneer/plywood with wooden planks and metal screws, and comes on wheels for easy transportation around the store.  


Foldable 3 Tier Display Stand

 foldable display stand

Finally, we have the foldable 3 tier display standThis display stand features a ladder design, with a crate shelf at the base, and 2 shallow shelves above it resembling rungs on a ladder. Made from natural wood, this display stand is eco-friendly, and can be used to display a wide range of products. You can also easily alter the topper to showcase your company logo.


Weighing in at just 14 kg and with a weight capacity of 40kg, this is an ideal POS display stand as it is small and quirky. At just 165cm high, 60cm wide, and 50cm deep, it’s easy to move around your store and showcase a wide range of products. There is also the option to go with custom sizes if you wish, along with special printing designs.


Because of its smaller size, its quirkiness, and the fact that it doesn’t have wheels, this is the perfect POS display stand as it is large enough to be eye-catching. Without becoming big and clunky and leaving your checkout area feeling cramped and crowded.  


Now you know the difference between POS display stands and retail stands, as well as which ones to choose for your business.


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