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Swedish fire log candle from various types of wood

An economical, practical and handy type of fire – a burning wooden log. With this product the popular saying that “softwood doesn’t burn alone” is overthrown … only with one exception, which is called the Swedish fire log candle.

The title refers to this simple solution – across the diameter of a wooden log are cut some vertical slots and inserted a firelighter. The technology is hidden in the fact that these special vertically made cuts facilitate air flow into the log and provide burning of the log from the core outwards contrary to a regular wooden log which just like softwood burns from the outside.

By the way, in the beginning of the 17th century the Swedish fire log candle or Swedish fire was extensively used by Swedish army as a simple and efficient way to create a warm fire from a single log and cook food. Nowadays it has become a handy type of fire – just light the firelighter in the center of the log and the bonfire is ready! The Swedish fire log candle is easy to do it yourself or purchase in gardening and building materials stores.