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We design and manufacture custom-made wooden counters of various styles, the most popular of which are eco-style wooden counters. We also make counters from used wooden pallets and aged boards.

Pallet Wooden Counter Pallet Wooden Counter Rustic-Style Counter with Kitchen Surface Rustic-Style Counter with Kitchen Surface Wooden Counter with Natural Wood Finish Wooden Counter with Natural Wood Finish Exclusive Modular Wooden Counter Exclusive Modular Wooden Counter Foldable Wooden Counter Foldable Wooden Counter Two-part Pop-up Wooden Counter Two-part Pop-up Wooden Counter Pallet Counters Pallet Counters Vintage Style Bar Counters Vintage Style Bar Counters Collapsible Bar Counter Collapsible Bar Counter

Taking care of reducing transportation costs, we produce wooden counters that can be assembled compactly, giving the customer the opportunity to save money and to assemble the counter on site, following the instructions given by us. A large variety of colors and finishes, as well as printing with the customer’s logo or other design elements. The most popular materials used are pine, alder boards, birch plywood and various metal decorative elements. Natural wood counters are durable in outdoor conditions and will not be harmed by direct sunlight, they are easy to maintain and restore or even repair by yourself, without special furniture tools.


 Advantages of choosing ColorWoodLatvia wooden counters

  • Modular solutions that help reduce transport costs and make it easier for the customer to assemble the counter.
  • A wide range of products, from lightweight portable pop-up style counters to massive wooden counters of several meters in length.
  • Designs tailored to the customer’s interior and brand marketing guidelines.

The most popular types of wooden counters

  1. Portable pop-up wooden counters for traveling sales and product presentations.
  2. Folding medium-sized wooden counters for traveling sales and pop-up bars.
  3. Modular wooden counters for street vending, easily assembled and dismantled.
  4. Massive modular counters for long-term use in one fixed location.
  5. Rustic-style wooden counters made of extremely natural materials.
  6. Counters made from used wooden pallets.

The importance of wooden counters

Wooden counters have different functions in the hotel, restaurant and café (HoReCa) industry. They tend to be a design object or a combination of design and practicality. The counter is most often an interior object that plays an important role in creating an atmosphere, it serves as a meeting place, it invites people to engage, relax or work if it is a reception counter.


ColorWoodLatvia basically produces wooden counters from natural wood, as the organic texture of the wood creates a feeling of comfort and naturalness that today’s consumers are increasingly appreciating. Moreover, this is an industry in which visual design is as important as the quality of the services and products offered.

Tailor-made solutions just a click away

We understand that businesses have unique needs. If you need wooden counters tailored to a specific size, design or brand, our team is here to help.


Contact us using the contact form below and we’ll make your vision a reality. ColorWoodLatvia produces wooden counters for different budgets.

Price enquiry

To get a quote for your specific need, please fill in the form. We work with bulk orders. For a more accurate quotation, please describe the need for the product, the intended application, the number required and the delivery time.