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How the choice of product display stands affects brand awareness

brand awareness

Brand awareness affects the way consumers think about a specific product category. Do you have experience dealing with “Trader Joe’s guys,” “Nike folks,” or “Apple individuals”? In order for consumers to become repeat customers, a brand must first become established in their lifestyles and purchasing habits. Brand awareness and using product display stands can assist in this process.


With the aid of this manual, you will be able to construct campaigns that will enable brand recognition to develop and alter along with your company. 


In this article we will show you how the choice of ColorWood Latvia product display stands affects brand awareness and so much more. 


Brand awareness 

Brand awareness measures how well-known and recognizable your brand is to your target market. Brands with a strong sense of identity are frequently described as “trending,” “buzzworthy,” or just “popular.” Building brand recognition is important when marketing and promoting your business, and goods. Especially when a venture is just getting started.


In a world where consumers frequently conduct in-depth research with others before making a purchase, brand trust is essential. Customers who develop an emotional bond with your brand are more likely to make repeat purchases without much forethought, which bridges the gap between loyalty and trust.


It is important to connect with your customers in a deeper way. Which will incline them to choose you versus other options in the market.


How to build awareness of product displays?

The general public and your audience must become accustomed to your brand over time. Furthermore, it is not the result of straightforward marketing or advertising efforts. Multiple simultaneous efforts go beyond attempting to attract paying customers to lead to strong brand awareness.


Here are some tactics for creating a solid foundation for brand recognition and making an everlasting impression on your audience. Let’s start with product display stands and branding itself.


 product display stands

Solid branding

Have you ever seen a specific color and graphics and remembered a brand? Or simply by the typography you can identify which company it is? Yes, many brands have a very well-defined image that makes it easy for customers to identify it without any problem.


The psychology of color is important to know which colors can be more appropriate for our business or which ones can attract more attention. Therefore, you must evaluate the image you want to convey that relates to your product.


Location of products in the displays

Knowing where to place your products will always be a plus that will add to your brand. Psychologically, it has been studied and demonstrated that the design of a business influences the buying process of a customer. It is always advisable to place your star products, the customers’ favorite, in front of the store. It is also important to maintain an order. So, customers can better visualize what you offer and ask for the one that catches their attention.


For example, if you sell vegan products. You can create a display where in the middle you can place your star products that attract the most attention. You can organize them by brand or by ingredients. An order that is easy for the customer to understand.


Be yourself, not a corporation

As you get to know a new person, what would you prefer to discover about them? I like learning about other people’s hobbies, passions, tastes, and other things. I also pay attention to the way they speak, the subjects they are interested in, and the things that thrill them.


Your brand should identify and emphasize these characteristics. If you want to leave an impression on your audience, you need to position yourself as more than just a company that conducts transactions. If not, how would you sum up who you are? What words would you use to introduce your business to a new acquaintance?


We at Color Wood Latvia are a brand that try to excel as a great example. We have created a whole business based on wooden product display stands and wooden crates that can be used both in marketing and interior. That is our whole brand that can be recognized from far away and with many other brands around. 


Our floor standing display stands are especially amazing since we can create ones that will fit your brand and products the best. One example can be seen in the photo below. Since our product display stands are mainly made out of wood, the display stands are sturdy, of high quality and timeless.


color wood latvia product display stands


Everyone, whether they are quiet or gregarious, introverts or extroverts, benefits from social interaction and spending time with others. It’s how we stay in touch, advance our knowledge, and make new friends.


If you merely try to interact with people when you’re trying to make a sale or get support, you won’t be known as anything other than a firm with a single aim (and the same goes for a person). If you want to boost brand recognition, you must be social. Share online content that is unrelated to your products or services.


To interact with your audience, ask questions, leave comments on posts, retweet, or share anything you find interesting. Use social media as if you were an individual trying to make friends rather than a business trying to make money. According to research, social interaction online accounts for over 50% of brand reputation. Being socially active results in increased awareness and simple recognition.


Relate a story

Storytelling is an immensely powerful marketing tactic, whether you’re trying to sell things or develop your brand. Why? because it gives your viewers a solid foundation to comprehend. Your brand gains personality and humanization when you create a story for it. Additionally, selling your business and your products or services by using the aforementioned story makes sense.


What should your story’s theme be? Anything goes, as long as it’s accurate. It could be the founder’s life story, the story of how your company developed the first product display stands, or the tale of the “little engine that could”—how your small business prevailed in the cutthroat business world.


The art of storytelling allows people to discover more about one another. Genuineness has an effect and can greatly raise brand awareness.


Facilitate sharing

Make it simple for your audience to share your material, no matter what your sector is, what you have to offer, or your marketing tactics. These could be sponsored content, product pages, blog posts, videos, or social media updates. Whatever it is, as long as it can be shared, is acceptable.


Word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective strategy for gaining the confidence and familiarity of customers.


If a friend or family member is recommending a product or brand, people are more likely to take notice of it. Is it worthwhile to research this business? Do they provide any other high-quality products that I can rely on? What subjects do they cover on their social media accounts, and how do they present them?


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Thanks for reading our article about the use of product display stands as well as other methods to improve brand awareness!