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Personalized wooden boxes

Natural materials, especially wood, have always been very practical and esthetic to use. Wooden boxes made out of raw boards are extremely popular type of decor
Wooden boxes can be used for:

For these reasons, personalized wooden boxes are increasingly used as a powerful marketing tool. Personalization can be done in different ways:

Silk screen printing method is very practical, hence, because of it the wooden boxes can be printed in different colors. For high-quality result it is very important to print on flat surface.


This kind of wooden box personalization provides a lasting result. Burning method requires the making of a metal cliché, the maximum size of it can be up to 4x12cm. In order to get the best  results we use constant burning temperature.


This method is good to be used for small quantities because it has relatively low costs. Wooden boxes surface should be very smooth, otherwise the logo  will not be clearly visible. Stamping is performed manually that’s why it may be difficult to make an accurate stamp at the same place.


Most often this method is used for exclusive wooden boxes in small quantities because this method is one of the most expensive. The price is affected by the size of the engraving and box quantity.

Colorwood Latvia is open to new ideas and challenges. Contact the Colorwood Latvia team and be sure to find the most suitable wooden box personalization methods.