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Wooden Crates for Business and Branding

wooden crates for branding

Wooden crates are widely used nowadays. It is the perfect option to protect products and give a good impression. In this article we will show all the wooden crates’ use and their importance in business and branding.


In ColorWood Latvia, you can find natural wooden crates for product storage, display and decoration. At the same time, the wooden crates can also be used as bar furniture or as part of shelving systems. We always try to offer different sizes, designs and quality.


Products to use branded wooden crates for

A good choice of crates can make a difference and not only benefit the product itself, guaranteeing its integrity and well-being. At the same time, it can also foster positive feelings in people, users, and consumers.


There are many factors to take into account when choosing the crates according to the product. Some of the products that require good branded wooden crates are: premium beverages (wine and whiskey), organic fruit, special utensils and design articles.


Crates for premium beverages

One way to use wooden crates is to store premium beverages such as wine and whiskey.


Crates for Wine

wooden crates for wine

Wooden crates are a great choice for wineries and wine lovers because they can be recycled and reused, which makes them great for long-term use. The wooden crates for wine are the best material to preserve the organoleptic qualities of this beverage.


The conservation of wines in wooden crates is ideal, as it considerably reduces the effects of excess humidity. Never store wines in cardboard boxes. It is very important to avoid molds because of their destructive effects on the cork. We must have a light aeration system to ventilate the space.


To store one bottle at a time we have created custom wooden wine boxes that are seen in the photo on the left.


Crates for Whisky  

wooden crates for whiskey

Whisky is a drink with more than 4000 years of history. It began as a distillate produced by monks for medicinal purposes, but little by little the process was refined and the drink began to become part of the culture. There are some whiskies that are distinguished by the color of their label and that have made them famous over time.  For example, John Walker. 


They according to their label, offer a type of flavor and characteristics:


We recommend the use of wooden crates for storage so that it can preserve the flavor and aroma of the beverage. In the same way, you should know that wood also contributes to the maintenance of temperature and, of course, insulates from high temperatures. In our category Painted wooden crates you can find fun and practical crates for storing whiskey as seen in the photo.


Crates for Organic Fruit

wooden crates for fruit

Marketing organic fruit is a delicate job. Everything related to food must take care of its packaging and product display. Wooden boxes are an excellent option for storing and/or displaying them to the public.


Wooden crates are an excellent option because they can be reusable and resistant. Likewise, it highlights the quality of the packaged product, reinforcing the product’s image. Allowing the consumer to appreciate a more natural product and be willing to pay more for it.


Creates for Home Delivery

Nowadays thanks to the internet we have the opportunity to buy food or anything from the internet. Shopping for groceries and ordering home delivery is very common nowadays. Therefore, the use of branded crates will be of great use for this type of business. It will also allow you to move them safely.


In this type of crate, you can take advantage of customizing it and show the image of your business through the packaging.


Crates as part of marketing

crates for marketing

Crates are a fundamental part of the brand because it is the first impression our customers receive of our products. It allows us to connect with them firsthand and provide them with an unforgettable experience.


It is an element with great potential to implement marketing, advertising, and branding actions. Wooden crates are capable of attracting more new customers, building customer loyalty, increasing sales, generating brand recognition, and strengthening positioning.


Since it is a marketing element, we must be careful and make the most of this strategy. It is a letter of introduction to customers that should be presented as a company concept.


ColorWood Latvia wooden crates are perfect for placing and storing various products. We also make marketing assistants such as floor stands from them.


Take a look and evaluate whether the wooden boxes would also be suitable for the placement of your company’s products!


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Thanks for reading our articles!