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Colored pallet collars for retail

Colored pallet collars for retail

We, at ColorWood Latvia, produce wooden pallet collars that are easy-to-use and eco-friendly. We know that sustainability is key these days, therefore we use sustainable wood to produce all of our products. Pallet collars are no exception. However sustainability is not the only reason they are quite handy, they also offer a lot of other benefits.


Mainly pallet collars are used as convenient storage options for the products kept in warehouses and supermarkets. But they can also be useful in retail for employee safety.


So in this article we will give you an insight of pallet collars – what they are, what your company can use them for and what kinds of solutions we offer. 


Pallet collars are used for storage and product protection

Pallet collars are generally a great choice for any company that’s main goals are to protect their products and expand storage space. They are a crucial component in the retail industry. For one, they can provide efficient storage, distribution, and handling solutions. All of these are important functions of retail everyday life. 


What’s interesting, is that they are named after the removable ‘collar’ – a wooden frame that can be fitted around the edges of the base pallet to transform it into a box-like structure. You can get  a better understanding by looking at photos of this article. 

pallet collars for storage


This unique feature makes collar pallets a versatile solution for various storage and transportation needs. You can customize them yourself and see which option fits your task better.


ColorWood Latvia, produces different kinds of this product. 


We offer not only basic pallet collars, but the whole package:


We especially like the function of pallet collars of being able to create a product stand. As seen on the upper photo on the right, by creating a sloped surface and putting wooden crates on it, you can make a useful product stand for supermarkets. 


Flexibility and employee safety benefits

Collar pallets are predominantly beneficial for their flexibility. By adding or removing collars, it’s easy to adjust the height of the box according to the quantity of the product being stored or transported. That way it makes them highly adaptable to varying loads. 


And this adaptability prevents wastage of space. Products can be stacked to their maximum safe height, making the most of storage areas in warehouses and retail backrooms.


The efficient use of space is not the only advantage that we want to mention because there are also significant safety benefits. When working in a supermarket, employee safety is one of the top priorities. And pallet collars can help reduce the risk of damage to goods. 


For example, for fragile items, they offer added protection as the sturdy sides prevent other items from crushing or squashing the contents. They also improve stability during transit, reducing the likelihood of items falling and sustaining damage.


The box-like structure of the collar pallets ensures the safe stacking of goods. When loaded correctly, these pallets create a secure, stable base for stacking, reducing the risk of toppling and ensuring safety for warehouse workers.


Pallet Collars


Easy to assemble and disassemble

From an operational standpoint, collar pallets are also beneficial because they are easy to assemble and disassemble. It makes them super easy to use and handle too. 


Also, it saves a considerable amount of time for staff. Therefore they have more time to be increasingly productive and efficient in the warehouse or storage area. It means they can be stored flat when not in use, freeing up valuable space.


Our collar pallets are designed to be compatible with standard material handling equipment like forklifts and pallet jacks. This way, moving and organizing them is a relatively straightforward process. This compatibility improves the efficiency of retail logistics, reducing the time it takes to move goods in, out, and around a warehouse.


Pallet collars can be painted by clients needs 

We also offer the option of customisation and personalisation – colored pallet collars. The paint job is available in any color, keeping the clients preferences in mind. Pallet frames can be stained using a wood staining solution, or painted with regular paint.


Wood stained frames keep their natural wooden look, unlike the ones that got painted with regular paint.


Our company also provides pallet collar personalisation – text or logo printed on the wooden surface. So if you’d like to get branded pallet collars, that is very much possible.


In summary, collar pallets are an invaluable tool in the retail industry. They offer a flexible, safe, and space-saving solution for storage and transport. As a result they greatly improve the overall efficiency of retail operations. 


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