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Wooden promo accessories for beer marketing

Wooden promo accessories

Practical wooden marketing and sales promotion products such as wooden promotional furniture, and accessories, are time-tested marketing and brand identity tools. These wooden promo accessories aim to gain as many loyal customers as possible. In this case, our main goal is for us to help you attract customers for your beer brand.


ColorWood Latvia produces a wide range of ready-made, sustainable wooden products to enhance your beverages’ brand value and drive sales. Our main products are sales promotion stands for beverage products. They also serve as excellent marketing furniture branding bars and cafes with your beer brand.


In this article, we will summarize the wooden promotional accessories we have created for beer marketing.


Wooden menu boards

wooden menu boards

Wooden menu boards are essential street promo accessories in beer marketing. You can use them to display information together with your beer brand. Menu boards usually provide a variety of information about the beer on offer, such as the name of the beer, its type, and its price.


These menu boards are also excellent because they display special promotions such as happy hour offers. Using menu boards in beer marketing is one form of on-street advertising. With such a design that is both attractive and practical, an information board can showcase your brand to a broader audience.


Several types of branding are possible for a wooden menu board, the most popular being full-color sun- and rain-resistant full-color printing and engraving. Printing the beer brand logo with a burnt effect is also possible.


Wooden display stands for craft beer

wooden stands for beer

Wooden display stands for craft beer is another way to promote your beer brand. These stands are essential for promotion in beer marketing. Not only do they serve a practical purpose, but they also prevent the devaluation of the brand value if the beer is sold at a reduced price. The use of natural wood stands is essential for this so-called Craft beer segment.


Using natural materials, such as wood, can help maintain a sense of naturalness that is in keeping with the values of natural and living beers. Real wood, stands for Craft beer, will help reinforce the Craft beer brand and create differentiation from conventional and lower-priced beers and create a solid emotional connection with customers who buy beer and feelings.


Wooden beer trays and meter trays

wooden beer trays

Wooden trays for beer and meter trays are popular wooden promo accessories in the beer industry, especially for bars and pubs. They are not only functional but also add elegance. These accessories can be customized with logos or design elements of your brand, making them effective promotional tools for your beer brand.


Wooden beer trays are a great way to serve drinks to customers. They are durable, easy to clean, and customizable to your brand’s needs.


And meter trays are a unique and eye-catching way to serve beer. They are long wooden trays where several beers can be placed, usually in a line. This type of serving is trendy in European bars. This way of serving the beverages adds a unique tradition to the experience and, of course, helps to sell more. Both wooden and meter beer trays can be produced for customized bottles or specific glass sizes.


Crate tables and wooden tables

box tables

Wooden crate furniture and wooden tables are popular choices for many bars and taverns, not only because of their durability and functionality but also because of their low price. In the beer industry, wooden and crate tables have long been an important element of seasonal furniture.


One of the main advantages of using wooden tables and box tables in the beer trade is their ability to create a simple, hipster atmosphere. Using natural materials is a way of maintaining a sense of authenticity. Another advantage of wooden and crate tables is that they can be modulated and rearranged without special tools. They can be customized to meet the requirements of a particular brand, including different sizes, shapes, and designs.


Wooden crates as a table

wooden crates

Personalized wooden crates tables are an increasingly popular wooden promo accessories used in the beer industry as low-cost furniture. Such furniture can be affordably ordered in large volumes, thus achieving a higher marketing return on a limited budget. Wooden crate tables are used for outdoor cafés, beach bars, and other entertainment and leisure venues.


ColorWood Latvia has developed special budget wooden crate tables that can be transported one inside the other, thus saving money on transport. As well as being more convenient to transport for managers and distribution agents.


Wooden crates are still a creative enough way to showcase beer brand products. They can be designed to resemble antique beer crates. In practice, wooden boxes can be used to display beer bottles, glasses, or other promotional material by making them with the beer brand logo.


Wooden counters for bars and BBQ tables

wooden counters for bars

Wooden counters for bars and BBQ tables can be valuable elements to keep in touch with your beer brand’s lovers. For example, giving your beer fans a piece of furniture with your beer branding will put your brand in their home, at the party, and in front of a large audience.


Counters for bars and BBQ tables are a unique and creative way to showcase beer brand products. BBQ tables can be designed to resemble outdoor grills and can be used for cooking and serving.


Bar equipment – branded kitchen cutting boards

branded kitchen cutting boards

Branded bar equipment is an essential part of beer marketing, as it both makes the bar easier to run in practice and saves the bar owner money. Due to the market situation and competition between beer brands, some of the accessories are supplied by beer manufacturers. These are usually companies that have an exclusive contract for the sale of a particular beer variety. 


One such piece of equipment is the branded wooden cutting boards, which ColorWood Latvia manufactures from water-resistant birch plywood. These amazing cutting boards are also practical hence they are dishwasher safe.


ColorWood Latvia – manufacture of wooden promo accessories

ColorWood Latvia is a company with expertise in wood processing and many years of experience in the marketing sector. Therefore, they understand the needs of their customers better than standard manufacturers when it comes to producing wooden promotional accessories.


The company is open to different solutions to produce your desired sales furniture. In cooperation with ColorWoodLatvia, greatly provided wooden promo accessories for your beer marketing with:


Sustainability and resource efficiency are among the company’s core values. At the beginning of any order planning process, it is important to understand how the product should be packed compactly and shipped in a way that does not create unnecessary transport costs for customers.


Another of ColorWood Latvia’s values is a well-thought-out production technology using economical and sustainable materials. The goal is to ensure that the promotional wood furniture is customer friendly in both price and use.


All in all, with ColorWood Latvia, you will get quality, time, and price savings. Contact us now, and we will reply to your inquiry within four working hours.


We hope this article was useful and gave you an insight into the wide range of wooden promo accessories from ColorWood Latvia!


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