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Wooden Table Display Stands
T-Shaped Table Display Stand with Wooden Hooks

T-Shaped Table Display Stand with Wooden Hooks

The T-shaped table display stand with wooden hooks is an economical, reversible wooden stand. This product is suitable for hanging goods such as souvenirs, snacks and other small and light weight items in checkout and impulse purchase areas.


The price of the display stand is relatively lower than similar stands with metal hooks, as these wooden hooks are a much cheaper solution for a merchandise distribution stand compared to metal. Multi-purpose wooden display stand. This retail furniture is light weight and compact. Thanks to its design, sending it by courier will not incur high costs.

Specification for T-shaped table display stand

The T-stand is designed for 16 hooks on each side of the stand, 32 hooks in total. For high-volume production, you can order the colour of the stand and an engraving of your brand logo. The stand is shipped disassembled in a special cardboard package. The assembly of the stand is simple and can be done without special instructions.

Production of table stands on request

We produce custom wooden display stands. Various display stand modifications and printing types are possible. We make stands from different wood materials such as birch plywood, pine wood planks, alder wood planks. Painted with various shades of water-based ecological stains.

Want to know the manufacturer's price for a tailor-made solution, fill in the inquiry form, and we will reply to your email.

We produce wooden promotional furniture to enhance the presentation of products and services with a strategic focus on displaying its most prominent features and benefits. Our wooden products support your advertising campaigns and brand building incentives. Branded wooden display stands will increase sales by attracting customers and motivating them to purchase.

Price enquiry

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