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Wooden Table Display Stands
Table Showcase Display Stand

Table Showcase Display Stand

The showcase table display stand for product presentation is made of natural wood and has a relatively simple construction, which places it in the low-price category.


New product presentation stand made of wood. We produce wooden marketing furniture to order.

Specification for table showcase display stand

This marketing product consists of a solid wood base and a birch plywood back wall. The stand has an A4 or A5 size wooden frame for advertising posters. This marketing and sales promotion product is made for the presentation of portable thermal cameras and similar products at trade fairs and in construction shops.


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We produce wooden promotional furniture to enhance the presentation of products and services with a strategic focus on displaying its most prominent features and benefits. Our wooden products support your advertising campaigns and brand building incentives. Branded wooden display stands will increase sales by attracting customers and motivating them to purchase.

Your brand on wooden info holders. A simple and mobile solution for displaying your logo on store shelves, at the point of sale, and in offices. We produce our info holders from plywood scraps, implementing a zero-waste and sustainable production policy.

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