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Multi-brand Wooden Stand

Multi-brand Wooden Stand

Natural wood base Multi-brand wooden stand with several shelves and large posters. High-quality digitally printed posters for this wooden stand can be printed from thin plywood or plastic. This wooden stand is designed so that posters can be easily changed and the stand can be used for another brand or even several brands at the same time, which is why we call it a multi-brand wooden stand.


The stand can be ordered in different colours and with additional accessories - special shelf edges for price signs, wheels and other accessories. We produce wooden stands to order, so you can have the shelf height adapted to your product.

Specification for Multi-brand wooden stand

For optimum product capacity, the most popular size for this stand is a ¼ pallet, 60x40cm and 185cm high. The stand is 80% made of natural wood (pine, spruce) planks, stained with a water-based stain. Posters for the stand are printed on 3mm thick Komatex material, fixed to the stand with screws or slid into specially designed wooden rails, thus easily replaceable.

Production of wooden stands on request

We offer a wide range of wooden display stands for retail shops, cafes, and restaurants. Wooden displays are an essential part of retail furniture that shapes the interior design of the point of sale, and the image of the company and boosts sales. We are open to different solutions to produce exactly the sales furniture you need.

ColorWood Latvia is a Latvian wooden custom furniture brand that offers various types of quality wooden promotional furniture to suit individual needs and budgets. Our mission is to increase your brand value and sales through customized wooden solutions tailored to each client. We can make any idea into life and help your business grow.

If you want to order any of our products for your company, please fill in the inquiry form, and we will contact you.

Price enquiry

To get a quote for your specific need, please fill in the form. We work with bulk orders. For a more accurate quotation, please describe the need for the product, the intended application, the number required and the delivery time.