1. We are using only FSC approved wood in our production, it means that all wood used in our products are produced in environmentally friendly manner and all the wood materials are coming from
  2. Our designers calculate optimal and most efficient design for our clients, as  a result we save material and overall cost.
  3. In 90% of our products we use on water based colors which is environmentally friendly and do not harm human health.
  4. For our products we use leftovers from other furniture manufacturers.
  5. We use zero waste production approach it means we calculate the best possible way to cut our materials, so there are almost zero waste, if there are some leftovers we are using them in other product groups, as example, we make Advent Wreaths.
  6. Only leftovers from our production is sawdust which are used as a bedding for horses.

Our company culture is based around efficient, environmentally friendly manufacturing approaches, and all our decisions are guided by them.

responsible use of resources