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Modular Flower stands Shop-in-Shop

Modular flower stands and their shop-in-shop concept are unique approaches to selling flowers and other botanical products. This concept suits shopping centers, department stores, and outdoor sales areas. Modular flower stands are a changeable, prominent retail space, visually distinct from the surrounding environment. These stands consist of modular components that can be quickly and easily assembled and disassembled depending on the size of the space.

Modular flower stands and their benefits

Modular flower stands

The concept of modular flower stands in a shop-in-shop offers various benefits for both the customer and the point of sale. As flower sales grow, they become an important product in the garden segment. ColorwoodLatvia, in cooperation with the Norwegian company Smart Supply, has developed a great solution that has been implemented in more than 1000 outlets in 2 years. 

Modular flower stands can bring at least seven benefits to supermarket chains:

  1. Increase in sales and store profit by up to 200%;
  2. A single, eye-catching design in line with the floral design;
  3. Space saving – flowers can be arranged on several floors;
  4. Faster flower turnover, enabling customers to buy fresh flowers;
  5. Easily movable and modular stand for shop staff;
  6. Sustainable products, made from renewable materials;
  7. Adjustable stand size depending on the shop area.

ColorwoodLatvia’s experience in the Norwegian market has been surprisingly successful. Several supermarkets saw sales increase by 200% or more. One of the main reasons for the increase is the attractive design and orderliness, which encourages buying.

The increase in sales that modular flower stands bring is only one of the benefits. ColorwoodLatvia has received additional feedback on the ease of use for store staff – they can be moved much more easily and quickly if a store rearrangement is needed.

ColorwoodLatvia flower stand for supermarket

flower stand

ColorwoodLatvia modular flower stands are made of simple, minimally treated wood. The stand modules are easy to repair and can be renewed if necessary. Also, the flower stands can be disposed of like any other timber at the end of their service life.

The modular wooden flower stands consist of more than 20 elements. The base of the stand is constructed of rolling ladder-type step modules fitted with wooden back and side walls. ColorwoodLatvia also offers an island model. 

The concept includes LED lighting, price sign holders, poster frames, and steel trays. Wooden flower stands can be complemented by separately movable triangular stands with buckets for cut flowers, as well as wooden boxes on wheels.

Flower stands are both functional and attractive. Flower sellers can use the stands to display various products, from fresh flowers and plants to flower arrangements, vases, and other accessories.

ColorwoodLatvia modular flower stands – a sales boosting solution

The fast pace of the world, the mobility of people, and the concentration of trade in certain areas – shopping centers – is a logical evolutionary process. We do not know where it will go from here, but we can be sure that there will be no rapid changes in the coming years. And that shopping centers will maintain their influence. So there will be a fight for space in these centers, and a fight between these centers, for every customer.

For this reason, shopping centers are “growing up” with additional services, such as beauty and catering services. Also, more and more services are coming up, offering their services and products.

It is also convenient for shoppers to buy flowers, flower arrangements, and various houseplants for everyday shopping. It has also been observed that flowers tend to be fresher when they are in dynamic circulation, as they are bought more quickly. So, if the logistics are working well, the supermarket is the most likely place where flowers will be fresh. And customers will buy them repeatedly and become loyal to that particular store. 

By working with ColorwoodLatvia, a manufacturer of wooden stands, your company will be able to increase the sales. Sales of flowers in the supermarket chain by attracting new customers. And strengthen the loyalty of existing customers.

ColorwoodLatvia is part of the SprintLab group, an alliance of companies based on marketing expertise. This is why ColorwoodLatvia’s customers receive both the manufacturer’s price and the quality of products based on marketing knowledge. Which helps to sell and increase the brand value of the products at retail.

Hopefully this article was useful and gave you an extra insight into the modular flower stands shop-in-shop concept from ColorwoodLatvia!

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Wooden promo accessories for beer marketing

Practical wooden marketing and sales promotion products – wooden promotional furniture and accessories – are a time-tested marketing and brand identity tool. These accessories aim to gain as many loyal customers as possible for your beer.

ColorwoodLatvia produces a wide range of ready-made, sustainable wooden products that can enhance your beverages’ brand value and drive sales. Our main products are sales promotion stands for beverage products. As well as marketing furniture and wooden accessories for branding bars and cafes with your beer brand. This post summarizes the wooden promotional accessories we have created for beer marketing.

Wooden menu boards

wooden menu boards

Wooden menu boards are an essential street wooden promo accessories in beer marketing. It is used to display information together with your beer brand. Menu boards can provide a variety of information about the beer on offer, such as the name of the beer, its type, and its price. They can also display special promotions such as happy hour offers.

Using menu boards in beer marketing is one form of on-street advertising. With such a design that is both attractive and practical, an information board can showcase your brand to a broad audience. Several types of branding are possible for a wooden menu board, the most popular being full-color sun- and rain-resistant full-color printing and engraving. Printing the beer brand logo with a burnt effect is also possible.

Wooden stands for craft beer

wooden stands for beer

Wooden stands for craft beer are important promotional accessories in beer marketing. Not only do they serve a practical purpose, but they also prevent the devaluation of the brand value if the beer is sold at a reduced price. The use of natural wood stands is essential for this so-called Craft beer segment.

Using natural materials, such as wood, can help maintain a sense of naturalness that is in keeping with the values of natural and living beers. Real wood, stands for Craft beer, will help reinforce the Craft beer brand and create differentiation from conventional and lower-priced beers and create a solid emotional connection with customers who buy beer and feelings.

Wooden beer trays and meter trays

wooden beer trays

Wooden trays for beer and meter trays are popular wooden promo accessories in the beer industry, especially for bars and pubs. They are not only functional but also add elegance. These accessories can be customized with logos or design elements of your brand, making them effective promotional tools for your beer brand.

Wooden beer trays are a great way to serve drinks to customers. They are durable, easy to clean, and customizable to your brand’s needs. 

And meter trays are a unique and eye-catching way to serve beer. They are long wooden trays where several beers can be placed, usually in a line. This type of serving is trendy in European bars. This way of serving the beverages adds a unique tradition to the experience and, of course, helps to sell more. Both wooden and meter beer trays can be produced for customized bottles or specific glass sizes.

Box tables and wooden tables

box tables

Box tables and wooden tables are popular choices for many bars and taverns, not only because of their durability and functionality but also because of their low price. In the beer industry, wooden and crate tables have long been an important element of seasonal furniture. 

One of the main advantages of using wooden tables and box tables in the beer trade is their ability to create a simple, hipster atmosphere. Using natural materials is a way of maintaining a sense of authenticity. Another advantage of wooden and crate tables is that they can be modulated and rearranged without special tools. They can be customized to meet the requirements of a particular brand, including different sizes, shapes, and designs.

Tables made from wooden crates

wooden crates

Wooden crates tables are an increasingly popular wooden promo accessories used in the beer industry as low-cost furniture. Such furniture can be affordably ordered in large volumes, thus achieving a higher marketing return on a limited budget. Wooden crate tables are used for outdoor cafés, beach bars, and other entertainment and leisure venues. 

ColorwoodLatvia has developed special budget wooden crate tables that can be transported one inside the other, thus saving money on transport. As well as being more convenient to transport for managers and distribution agents.

Wooden crates are still a creative enough way to showcase beer brand products. They can be designed to resemble antique beer crates. In practice, wooden boxes can be used to display beer bottles, glasses, or other promotional material by making them with the beer brand logo.

Wooden counters for bars and BBQ tables

wooden counters for bars

Wooden counters for bars and BBQ tables can be valuable elements to keep in touch with your beer brand’s lovers. For example, giving your beer fans a piece of furniture with your beer branding will put your brand in their home, at the party, and in front of a large audience.

Counters for bars and BBQ tables are a unique and creative way to showcase beer brand products. BBQ tables can be designed to resemble outdoor grills and can be used for cooking and serving.

Bar equipment – branded kitchen cutting boards

branded kitchen cutting boards

Branded bar equipment is an essential part of beer marketing, as it both makes the bar easier to run in practice and saves the bar owner money. Due to the market situation and competition between beer brands, some of the accessories are supplied by beer manufacturers. These are usually companies that have an exclusive contract for the sale of a particular beer variety.  

One such piece of equipment is the wooden branded kitchen cutting boards, which ColorwoodLatvia manufactures from water-resistant birch plywood. ColorwoodLatvia branded cutting boards are also dishwasher safe.

ColorwoodLatvia – manufacture of wooden promo accessories

ColorwoodLatvia is a company with expertise in wood processing and many years of experience in the marketing sector. Therefore, they understand the needs of their customers better than standard manufacturers when it comes to producing wooden promotional accessories. 

The company is open to different solutions to produce your desired sales furniture. In cooperation with ColorwoodLatvia, in a broad way, provided wooden promo accessories for your beer marketing with:

  • fast communication;
  • developing design options;
  • sending samples;
  • packaging of products according to distributors’ requirements;
  • logistics for multiple recipients;
  • economical pricing, which can be achieved through clever solutions and compact packaging.


Sustainability and resource efficiency are among the company’s core values. At the beginning of any order planning process, it is understood how the product can be packed compactly and shipped in a way that does not create unnecessary transport costs for customers and respects the environment.

Another of ColorwoodLatvia’s values is a well-thought-out production technology using economical and sustainable materials. To ensure that the promotional wood furniture is customer friendly in both price and use.

With ColorwoodLatvia, you will get quality, time, and price savings. Contact us now, and we will reply to your inquiry within four working hours.

We hope this article was useful and gave you an insight into the wide range of wooden promo accessories from ColorwoodLatvia!

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How to use wooden crates in the interior

wooden crates

If you are in the process of decorating the interior of your home, you might be looking for the best way to display your favorite items. If you are planning to buy new furniture, you have a lot of options. However, if you are looking for something unique, you should consider buying wooden crates. 

Regardless of the house theme, wooden crates can be incorporated into different looks. It is a great way to incorporate some timeless pieces and create something new out of wooden crates. The process of getting creative can be very enjoyable as long as you have ideas.

In this blog post, we will explore the different ideas on how to use wooden crates in the interior to create amazing pieces.

Coffee Table from Wooden Crates

wooden crate table

Wooden crates can be used to make a unique coffee table. Stack two or three of the same sized crates and top it off with a piece of glass or wood. This is a great way to make a statement piece for your living room.

The good thing about wood is that it can easily be painted. If you have some leftover wooden crates that can be used for something, simply paint them to match your interior. Then build a wooden table of your choice – the easiest way would be to stack together some wooden crates and call it a day.

It is a perfect way to freshen up your garden setup and create some wooden furniture from a few crates.

Planters for Your Plants 

wooden crate planter

Wooden crates make great planters. Just drill some holes in the bottom and fill with soil. You can then add your favorite plants and flowers. This is a great way to add some greenery to your home colors or patterns and hang them up. 

You can also order some custom wooden crates with personalized engravings or printed text. As seen in the first photo on the left, you can have a name of your plant or anything else that you’re growing in crates. This is a great way to add some personality to your garden crates.

Some rustic wooden crates can really put the whole garden together – with some vintage looking boxes.

Wooden Crate Shelves

wooden crates in interior

Another fun way on how to use wooden crates in the interior is to create shelves. All you realistically have to do is get some wooden crates of your choice. Then simply attach them to the wall. 

Crates themselves will be quite sturdy, since wood can handle a bigger weight. Make sure that the attachment system is safe so you can place heavier items on your shelves too – plants, books, candles etc.

You can even go as far as creating a whole shelving system or unit. As seen in the photo on the right, you can stack many wooden crates together and figure out a way to imply more storage space while not losing aesthetics. This is a great way to add storage to any room without taking up too much space.

A Product Display in Shops and Cafes

wooden crate stands

If you are a business owner and are looking to spice up your store’s or cafe’s interior without breaking the bank, wooden crates could be an option for you too. Wooden crates can be formed into product display stands or storage space for the back of your business.

Since we already established the fact that wooden crates can fit into any interior just fine, these display stands can be perfect for your store or cafe too. Color Wood Latvia creates all kinds of wooden products, including wooden product stands from crates and not only.

Choosing product display stands from wood is a good choice since wood is timeless and considerably easy to sustain. It is eco-friendly and can also hold quite a heavy weight of products which is handy for storing items such as books, bottles of drinks etc.

Extra Storage Space

storage space from wood

Wooden crates are perfect for storage. They can be used to store books, toys, and other items. That way you can organize your space to your needs – each crate for something specific. And since we are talking about including these wooden crates into your interior, they have to be pleasing to the eye as well.

So instead of the basic wooden crates choose ones that look more elegant and beautiful. It is indeed possible because wooden crates are so universally used these days. You will be able to find rustic wooden crates, ones with attached wheels, ropes as holders and so on.

The first wooden crate in the photo on the left is a perfect example of a wooden crate as storage space. It is placed next to the couch in the living room and therefore can hold some extra blankets.

A Unique Pet Bed

 wooden bed for pets

And lastly let’s not forget about our beloved pets who take up space in our interior too. There are so many different kinds of pet beds available, yet if you want to create something relevantly simple and unique, a wooden crate or two can do wonders.

You can pick the easiest option and just take one wooden crate that you already have at home. Paint it so that it fits the interior of the room it will go in. After that is done, put something comfy and fluffy and it and call it a day. Your dog will love it!

As for cats, they usually love sleeping in higher places where they can see their surroundings. An easy and fun idea is to place their bed crate on the wall – attach it higher than ground level so the cat can access it through jumping. It will be fun both for your pet and your interior. If you are willing to get more creative, an option in the photo on the right is always an option too.


Now you know how to use wooden crates in the interior of your home, garden or business.










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How the choice of product display stands affects brand awareness

brand awareness

Brand awareness affects the way consumers think about a specific product category. Do you have experience dealing with “Trader Joe’s guys,” “Nike folks,” or “Apple individuals”? In order for consumers to become repeat customers, a brand must first become established in their lifestyles and purchasing habits. Brand awareness can assist in this process.

With the aid of this manual, you will be able to construct campaigns that will enable brand recognition to develop and alter along with your company. 

In this article we will show you how the choice of product display stands affects brand awareness and so much more. 

Brand awareness 

Brand awareness measures how well-known and recognizable your brand is to your target market. Brands with a strong sense of identity are frequently described as “trending,” “buzzworthy,” or just “popular.”

Building brand recognition is important when marketing and promoting your business, and goods. Especially when a venture is just getting started.

In a world where consumers frequently conduct in-depth research with others before making a purchase, brand trust is essential. Customers who develop an emotional bond with your brand are more likely to make repeat purchases without much forethought, which bridges the gap between loyalty and trust.

It is important to connect with your customers in a deeper way. Which will incline them to choose you versus other options in the market.

How to build awareness of product displays?

The general public and your audience must become accustomed to your brand over time. Furthermore, it is not the result of straightforward marketing or advertising efforts.

Multiple simultaneous efforts go beyond attempting to attract paying customers to lead to strong brand awareness.

Here are some tactics for creating a solid foundation for brand recognition and making an everlasting impression on your audience.

 product display stands affect brand awareness

Solid branding

Have you ever seen a specific color and graphics and remembered a brand? Or simply by the typography you can identify which company it is? Yes, many brands have a very well-defined image that makes it easy for customers to identify it without any problem.

The psychology of color is important to know which colors can be more appropriate for our business or which ones can attract more attention. Therefore, you must evaluate the image you want to convey that relates to your product.

Location of products in the displays

Knowing where to place your products will always be a plus that will add to your brand. Psychologically, it has been studied and demonstrated that the design of a business influences the buying process of a customer.

It is always advisable to place your star products, the customers’ favorite, in front of the store. It is also important to maintain an order. So, customers can better visualize what you offer and ask for the one that catches their attention.

For example, if you sell vegan products. You can create a display where in the middle you can place your star products that attract the most attention. You can organize them by brand or by ingredients. An order that is easy for the customer to understand.

Be yourself, not a corporation

As you get to know a new person, what would you prefer to discover about them? I like learning about other people’s hobbies, passions, tastes, and other things. I also pay attention to the way they speak, the subjects they are interested in, and the things that thrill them.

Your brand should identify and emphasize these characteristics. If you want to leave an impression on your audience, you need to position yourself as more than just a company that conducts transactions. If not, how would you sum up who you are? What words would you use to introduce your business to a new acquaintance?

We at Color Wood Latvia are a brand that excels a great example. We have created a whole business based on wooden product display stands and wooden crates that can be used both in marketing and interior. That is our whole brand that can be recognized from far away and with many other brands around. 

Our floor standing display stands are especially amazing since we can create ones that will fit your brand and products the best. One example can be seen in the photo below. Since they are mainly made out of wood, the display stands are sturdy, of high quality and timeless.

color wood latvia product display stands


Everyone, whether they are quiet or gregarious, introverts or extroverts, benefits from social interaction and spending time with others. It’s how we stay in touch, advance our knowledge, and make new friends.

If you merely try to interact with people when you’re trying to make a sale or get support, you won’t be known as anything other than a firm with a single aim (and the same goes for a person).

If you want to boost brand recognition, you must be social. Share online content that is unrelated to your products or services.

To interact with your audience, ask questions, leave comments on posts, retweet, or share anything you find interesting. Use social media as if you were an individual trying to make friends rather than a business trying to make money.

According to research, social interaction online accounts for over 50% of brand reputation. Being socially active results in increased awareness and simple recognition.

Relate a story

Storytelling is an immensely powerful marketing tactic, whether you’re trying to sell things or develop your brand. Why? because it gives your viewers a solid foundation to comprehend.

Your brand gains personality and humanization when you create a story for it. Additionally, selling your business and your products or services by using the aforementioned story makes sense.

What should your story’s theme be? Anything goes, as long as it’s accurate. It could be the founder’s life story, the story of how your company developed the first product display stands, or the tale of the “little engine that could”—how your small business prevailed in the cutthroat business world.

The art of storytelling allows people to discover more about one another. Genuineness has an effect and can greatly raise brand awareness.

Facilitate sharing

Make it simple for your audience to share your material, no matter what your sector is, what you have to offer, or your marketing tactics. These could be sponsored content, product pages, blog posts, videos, or social media updates. Whatever it is, as long as it can be shared, is acceptable.

Word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective strategy for gaining the confidence and familiarity of customers.

If a friend or family member is recommending a product or brand, people are more likely to take notice of it. Is it worthwhile to research this business? Do they provide any other high-quality products that I can rely on? What subjects do they cover on their social media accounts, and how do they present them?

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Wooden Crates for Business and Branding

wooden crates for branding

Wooden crates are widely used nowadays. It is the perfect option to protect products and give a good impression. In this article we will show all the wooden crates’ use and their importance in business and branding.

In ColorWood Latvia, you can find natural wooden crates for product storage, display and decoration. At the same time, the wooden crates can also be used as bar furniture or as part of shelving systems. We always try to offer different sizes, designs and quality.

Products to use branded wooden crates for

A good choice of crates can make a difference and not only benefit the product itself, guaranteeing its integrity and well-being. At the same time, it can also foster positive feelings in people, users, and consumers.

There are many factors to take into account when choosing the crates according to the product. Some of the products that require good branded wooden crates are: premium beverages (wine and whiskey), organic fruit, special utensils and design articles.

Crates for premium beverages

One way to use wooden crates is to store premium beverages such as wine and whiskey.

Crates for Wine

wooden crates for wine

Wooden crates are a great choice for wineries and wine lovers because they can be recycled and reused, which makes them great for long-term use. The wooden crates for wine are the best material to preserve the organoleptic qualities of this beverage.

The conservation of wines in wooden crates is ideal, as it considerably reduces the effects of excess humidity. Never store wines in cardboard boxes. It is very important to avoid molds because of their destructive effects on the cork. We must have a light aeration system to ventilate the space.

To store one bottle at a time we have created custom wooden wine boxes that are seen in the photo on the left.

Crates for Whisky  

wooden crates for whiskey

Whisky is a drink with more than 4000 years of history. It began as a distillate produced by monks for medicinal purposes, but little by little the process was refined and the drink began to become part of the culture.

There are some whiskies that are distinguished by the color of their label and that have made them famous over time.  For example, John Walker. 

They according to their label, offer a type of flavor and characteristics:

  • Red Label: It is a drink of intense flavor and bright color. It reflects the style, the intensity of flavors and the traditional aromas of a whiskey.
  • Black Label: It is a whiskey of greater complexity. It maintains the style of Johnnie Walker red label. It is created using distillates at least 12 years old.
  • Double black: It has the DNA of black level but contains more mature notes. Best enjoyed with water to release the complex smoky notes.

We recommend the use of wooden crates for storage so that it can preserve the flavor and aroma of the beverage. In the same way, you should know that wood also contributes to the maintenance of temperature and, of course, insulates from high temperatures. In our category Painted wooden crates you can find fun and practical crates for storing whiskey as seen in the photo.

Crates for Organic Fruit

wooden crates for fruit

Marketing organic fruit is a delicate job. Everything related to food must take care of its packaging and product display. Wooden boxes are an excellent option for storing and/or displaying them to the public.

Wooden crates are an excellent option because they can be reusable and resistant. Likewise, it highlights the quality of the packaged product, reinforcing the product’s image. Allowing the consumer to appreciate a more natural product and be willing to pay more for it.

Creates for Home Delivery

Nowadays thanks to the internet we have the opportunity to buy food or anything from the internet. Shopping for groceries and ordering home delivery is very common nowadays. Therefore, the use of branded crates will be of great use for this type of business. It will also allow you to move them safely.

In this type of crate, you can take advantage of customizing it and show the image of your business through the packaging.

Crates as part of marketing

crates for marketing

Crates are a fundamental part of the brand because it is the first impression our customers receive of our products. It allows us to connect with them firsthand and provide them with an unforgettable experience.

It is an element with great potential to implement marketing, advertising, and branding actions. Wooden crates are capable of attracting more new customers, building customer loyalty, increasing sales, generating brand recognition, and strengthening positioning.

Since it is a marketing element, we must be careful and make the most of this strategy. It is a letter of introduction to customers that should be presented as a company concept.

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How POS display stands differ from retail stands

point of sale product stands

If you run a bricks and mortar business and are looking to really enhance your company image and branding, while maximizing your profits in the process, you’ve likely considered investing in a display stand of some sort. POS display stands are a great option.

Product display stands come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, colors, and designs, and serve a multitude of different purposes. Display stands can be used to promote your business and products, they can enhance your company image, and they can simply make it easier for customers to find and purchase your products.

When choosing product display stands, it’s important to know which kind to go with. Retail stands and POS (point of sale) product stands are the most common examples you’ll find in stores but how do they differ, and which would be best for your business?

How are POS product stands different to retail stands?

A POS product stand is best suited in a retail environment. They should not be confused with exhibition display stands, which are best suited solely for marketing, advertising, and brand awareness. POS stands are designed to help boost sales.

POS stands are typically placed at checkouts within stores, or in locations where purchases and sales are made – hence the name. These stands are most commonly made from cardboard, though they can be made from other materials such as wood, plastic, UPVC, and powder coated metal.

Regular retail stands differ as they can be placed throughout a store, rather than in locations where sales and purchases are made, such as checkouts. Retail stands may advertise products, display products, or a combination of both.

Different types of POS display stands

While there are many different types of POS display stands to choose from, the following four are particularly popular, and would make great additions to a variety of different establishments.

Promotional Display Stand with Posters

display stand with posters


This promotional display stand with posters is ideal for any business out there looking for a simple, no-nonsense way of displaying their products while marketing and promoting their products and their business in the process.

Featuring 4 shelves, this wooden display stand features a full side print poster on either side, and space on the top for a large promotional poster for complete branding.

As it is wood, it is still sustainable and eco-friendly, yet is much sturdier than cardboard.

The large shelves are also very spacious and can withstand a lot of weight, making them ideal for displaying heavier products along with lighter ones.

Multibranded Promotional Display Stand

multibranded promotional display stand

Another ideal POS product display stand is this multibranded promotional display stand .

This is another one of POS display stands that is perfect for converting sales while also serving as a great form of marketing and promotion.

Made from wood, this stand offers multi-branding opportunities as it allows up to 5 different posters to be displayed at once, all in different locations on the display. Add to that, the fact that it features 3 shelves for 3 different products, it’s easy to see why this is such a fantastic POS display for businesses really looking to push their brand and market their products.

In an attractive bright white color, the display stand can be assembled easily in a matter of minutes.

5 Tier Wooden Crate Display Stand

wooden crate display stand

If you want a rustic, quirky, and eye-catching POS display for your business, be sure to check out this  5 tier wooden display stand .

This wooden crate display stand features 5 shelves which are 40cm x 60cm in size, though they can be customized based upon your requirements.

The sloping design helps provide an aesthetic look while also showcasing more products and enhancing their visibility. You can also choose a selection of colors and various printing options.

180cm high, 55cm deep, and 64cm wide, this large display stand  is made from veneer/plywood with wooden planks and metal screws, and comes on wheels for easy transportation around the store.  

Foldable 3 Tier Display Stand

 foldable display stand

Finally, we have the foldable 3 tier display stand.

This display stand features a ladder design, with a crate shelf at the base, and 2 shallow shelves above it resembling rungs on a ladder.

Made from natural wood, this display stand is eco-friendly, and can be used to display a wide range of products. You can also easily alter the topper to showcase your company logo.

Weighing in at just 14 kg and with a weight capacity of 40kg, this is an ideal POS display stand as it is small and quirky. At just 165cm high, 60cm wide, and 50cm deep, it’s easy to move around your store and showcase a wide range of products. There is also the option to go with custom sizes if you wish, along with special printing designs.

Because of its smaller size, its quirkiness, and the fact that it doesn’t have wheels, this is the perfect POS display stand as it is large enough to be eye-catching, without becoming big and clunky and leaving your checkout area feeling cramped and crowded.  

Now you know the difference between POS display stands and retail stands, as well as which ones to choose for your business.

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Retail stands, wooden display stands and product placement solutions

Retail stands made out of wood, produced and adapted specifically in order to provide long-term display solution for your product, lasting at least 6 months. If you compare the wooden stands to the usual cardboard stands that are seen everywhere – our stands are made from furniture material and are made to last long-term. Retail stands have one of the most important sales functions, highlighting the product and providing more information about it, which is hard to do with other types of stands.


The most common material from which the stands are made of is MDF. This material is easy to process and it allows us to cut out all kinds of shapes. The surface of the material is plane, which really helps the painting process – giving the stand an exclusive look.

The second most common material is melamine (or chipboard), which gets covered with a thin layer of lamination during the production process. This material is quite cheaper than MDF, however it has a limited choice for color.jas.

The process

  • An approximate design sketch gets drawn, taking into account the size, weight and viewing angles of the product that will be placed on the stand.
  • 3D visualisation of the retail stand is produced using AutoCad, where the stand gets it’s visual scale, sizes and color, for the client to get a better idea of how the finished product is going to look.
  • The next step involves the development of a technical file, which is being produced by a production specialist. This process also includes caluclating the size, weight and technical elements of every piece that the stand will be made of.
  • Prototype production, where the stand gets produced from the actual material, to make sure that it is fully functional and stable.

Retail stands and additional solutions

  • Interactive screen, where the product is being demonstrated with the help of sound and video the product use is being explained.
  • Lighting can be used as a decoration element, but also as a practical element – to highlight the product.
  • Additional accessories for the product testing, where the potential buyers can try the product themselves.

Retail stands and various accessories

  • The so called “Eurowall” is a very popular way, which also looks nice and is relatively cheap. A metal rail gets installed into the wooden stand, which allows the product to be placed anywhere on the stand – horizontally.
  • Perforated metal wall – a more expensive solution, which also increases the weight of the stand. However, this also allows the product to be placed anywhere on the stand, not just horizontally but also vertically.
  • Shelves with various fitting techniques.

Production of the wooden stands

  • It is extremely important, when choosing a supplier, to make sure that your chosen supplier can provide a 3D visualisation and production of a prototype. Also, the supplier must have special painting rooms with water walls which collect all the dust, so that the paint is equally spread on the surface of the retail stand.
  • Transport. If the wooden stand has to travel long distances, the stands need to have a special transport box which will protect all the fragile pieces of the stand.
  • Utilisation of the stand after it has served it’s time. On some occasions we provide maintenance or ensure utilisation and disasessembly of used stands.


Wooden stands and the factors that affect the costs

  • Since the wooden stand gets produced as careful as the most fragile furniture, most of the work is hand labour, which totals to 20-30% of the total cost of the stand.
  • Surprisingly, the transportation and the packing of the stand would total to be around 10-20% of the total cost of the retail stand.
  • The other 50-70% of the costs consist of the material itself and the machinery used.
  • The production of the prototype usually costs more than the price of one stand, however if the client decides to order multiple stands – the price of the prototype will be included in the total costs of the whole order.

Important steps to remember before the production of the stand.

  • Costs of placing the retail stand inside the shop
  • If it requires electricity – will the shop have a socket available
  • Costs of transporting the stand to each shop
  • Assembly of the stand, if the retail stand gets transported dissasembled
  • Disassembly of the stand, transport and utilisation.

Our company can produce wooden stands in a disassembled way and provide an assembly manual to every stand. We can also take over the logistics and the utilisation services.

Questions about retail stands:

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Colored pallet frames

Pallet collars are used as comfortable and compact storage for your warehouse, as well as safe and sturdy packing solution during transport, which last for a long time and can be used multiple times.

Usually, pallet collars are produced the same size as the pallet itself, when opened – the so called “pallet frames” can be sized at 120x80cm, 80x60cm, 60x40cm. The pallet frames could also be bigger, making them non standard pallet frames – produced specially for you.

Thanks to the special pallet frame hinges and accesorries, the pallet boards are precisely placed on a pallet, with the hinges holding the pallet frames in place. This allows the pallet boards to be placed one on top of another, as tall as it is necessary, creating a rather tall box. Such boxes, made out of pallet frames, are mostly used in:

  1. Warehouses and warehouse type shops.
  2. Transporting small and fragile objects.
  3. Self-serving shops and supermarket equipment

The common wood that is being used for the production of the pallet frames is pinewood. Standard height of the frame is 19.5cm. There is an option to have various types of collars.

High quality, single plank of wood.
High quality, the frame is glued from 2 pieces.

Lower quality – the collar can have small defects on the inside.

The pallet collars are a long-term solution and is dependant on the usage. If used with care, it can last more than 10 years.

Ask about the production of pallet collars:

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Painted wooden pallets

Painted pallets are most commonly used in retail and exhibitions. Usually, pallets get painted in dark colors, so that it won’t be visible if they do happen to get dirty.

The painting of the pallets can be done in any color, after the client chooses the correct RAL code from the catalogue.
There are 2 types of paint job available:

  • Modular paint, for the pallets that will be used inside.
  • Non-modular paint/ wood stain, for the pallets that will be used inside.
  • Modular paint, for the pallets that will be used outside.
  • Non-modular paint/ wood stain, for the pallets that will be used outside.


Various sizes are available. Both standard and non-standard. Ask us about the production of painted pallets:

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Colored pallet collars for retail

Pallet boards as shop and supermarket equipment. Our company produces sets which are made out of:

  1. Pallet base with wheels
  2. Pallet collars
  3. Pallet cover
  4. Sloped surface for placement of various product boxes.

The paint job is available in any color, keeping the clients preferences in mind. Pallet frames can be stained using a wood staining solution , or painted with regular paint.



The color of the pallet collars can also be customised and personalised, depending on the clients wishes. The pallet frames can be painted with regular paint with special wood staining paint. Wood stained frames keep their natural wooden look, unlike the ones that got painted with regular paint.

Our company also provides pallet collar personalisation – text or logo printed on the wooden surface.

For questions about pallet collars:

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Wooden buckets and bowls

Wooden buckets and bowls can be produced using the customer provided ideas regarding the shape, size, color or wood stain. Wooden buckets and bowls are made using using simplified production methods, making them relatively cheaper than the barrels that are meant to be holding liquid. If the client wants the barrel to be able to hold liquid, a plastic container would be placed inside.
We supply wooden buckets and bowls for retailers and wholesalers. Wooden buckets and bowls are a long-lasting product, being able to serve your needs for over 10 years. Due to the fact that the production of such barrels requires mostly manual labour, we are offering a large variety of non-standard shelving and fitting solutions inside or outside the barrel.

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Production of wooden barrels

Wooden barrels can be produced in any shape or size, as well as painted or stained in your selected colour. These barrels are being produced using simplified production methods, making them relatively cheaper than the barrels that are meant to be holding liquid. If the client wants the barrel to be able to hold liquid, a plastic container would be placed inside.

Production of wooden barrels, buckets and other wooden elements, for usage in retail shops and storage facilities. Wooden barrels are an efficient, long-term solution for storage and product placement within retail shops. These barrels are being produced using a simplified production method, thus having much lower cost than the vacuum-water resistant alternatives.

We supply wooden barrels, buckets and other wooden elements for retailers and wholesalers. Wooden barrels are a stylish alternative to display stands, that would last for a long period of time. Our barrels can also be fitted with a special platform with wheels, allowing the barrel to be moved around the shop with ease.

Due to the fact that the production of such barrels requires mostly manual labour, we are offering a large variety of non-standard shelving and fitting solutions inside or outside the barrel.

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Swedish fire log candle from various types of wood

An economical, practical and handy type of fire – a burning wooden log. With this product the popular saying that “softwood doesn’t burn alone” is overthrown … only with one exception, which is called the Swedish fire log candle.

The title refers to this simple solution – across the diameter of a wooden log are cut some vertical slots and inserted a firelighter. The technology is hidden in the fact that these special vertically made cuts facilitate air flow into the log and provide burning of the log from the core outwards contrary to a regular wooden log which just like softwood burns from the outside.

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Painted wooden boxes


We offer Painted wooden boxes made in Latvia for You and Your bussiness. Wide range of color possibilities. Product can be painted in color chosen by You and customised to suit Your exact needs. We offer several types of customisation methods for You:

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Personalized wooden boxes

Natural materials, especially wood, have always been very practical and esthetic to use. Wooden boxes made out of raw boards are extremely popular type of decor
Wooden boxes can be used for:

  • Wooden boxes for corporate gifts
  • Wooden boxes as furniture
  • Wooden boxes as packaging
  • Wooden boxes décor
  • Wooden boxes for retail
  • Wooden boxes for transport

For these reasons, personalized wooden boxes are increasingly used as a powerful marketing tool. Personalization can be done in different ways:

  • Personalized wooden boxes in silk screen or digital printing method.

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