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Retail stands, wooden display stands and product placement solutions

Retail stands made out of wood, produced and adapted specifically in order to provide long-term display solution for your product, lasting at least 6 months. If you compare the wooden stands to the usual cardboard stands that are seen everywhere – our stands are made from furniture material and are made to last long-term. Retail stands have one of the most important sales functions, highlighting the product and providing more information about it, which is hard to do with other types of stands.


The most common material from which the stands are made of is MDF. This material is easy to process and it allows us to cut out all kinds of shapes. The surface of the material is plane, which really helps the painting process – giving the stand an exclusive look.

The second most common material is melamine (or chipboard), which gets covered with a thin layer of lamination during the production process. This material is quite cheaper than MDF, however it has a limited choice for color.jas.

The process

  • An approximate design sketch gets drawn, taking into account the size, weight and viewing angles of the product that will be placed on the stand.
  • 3D visualisation of the retail stand is produced using AutoCad, where the stand gets it’s visual scale, sizes and color, for the client to get a better idea of how the finished product is going to look.
  • The next step involves the development of a technical file, which is being produced by a production specialist. This process also includes caluclating the size, weight and technical elements of every piece that the stand will be made of.
  • Prototype production, where the stand gets produced from the actual material, to make sure that it is fully functional and stable.

Retail stands and additional solutions

  • Interactive screen, where the product is being demonstrated with the help of sound and video the product use is being explained.
  • Lighting can be used as a decoration element, but also as a practical element – to highlight the product.
  • Additional accessories for the product testing, where the potential buyers can try the product themselves.

Retail stands and various accessories

  • The so called “Eurowall” is a very popular way, which also looks nice and is relatively cheap. A metal rail gets installed into the wooden stand, which allows the product to be placed anywhere on the stand – horizontally.
  • Perforated metal wall – a more expensive solution, which also increases the weight of the stand. However, this also allows the product to be placed anywhere on the stand, not just horizontally but also vertically.
  • Shelves with various fitting techniques.

Production of the wooden stands

  • It is extremely important, when choosing a supplier, to make sure that your chosen supplier can provide a 3D visualisation and production of a prototype. Also, the supplier must have special painting rooms with water walls which collect all the dust, so that the paint is equally spread on the surface of the retail stand.
  • Transport. If the wooden stand has to travel long distances, the stands need to have a special transport box which will protect all the fragile pieces of the stand.
  • Utilisation of the stand after it has served it’s time. On some occasions we provide maintenance or ensure utilisation and disasessembly of used stands.


Wooden stands and the factors that affect the costs

  • Since the wooden stand gets produced as careful as the most fragile furniture, most of the work is hand labour, which totals to 20-30% of the total cost of the stand.
  • Surprisingly, the transportation and the packing of the stand would total to be around 10-20% of the total cost of the retail stand.
  • The other 50-70% of the costs consist of the material itself and the machinery used.
  • The production of the prototype usually costs more than the price of one stand, however if the client decides to order multiple stands – the price of the prototype will be included in the total costs of the whole order.

Important steps to remember before the production of the stand.

  • Costs of placing the retail stand inside the shop
  • If it requires electricity – will the shop have a socket available
  • Costs of transporting the stand to each shop
  • Assembly of the stand, if the retail stand gets transported dissasembled
  • Disassembly of the stand, transport and utilisation.

Our company can produce wooden stands in a disassembled way and provide an assembly manual to every stand. We can also take over the logistics and the utilisation services.

Questions about retail stands:

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Colored pallet frames

Pallet collars are used as comfortable and compact storage for your warehouse, as well as safe and sturdy packing solution during transport, which last for a long time and can be used multiple times.

Usually, pallet collars are produced the same size as the pallet itself, when opened – the so called “pallet frames” can be sized at 120x80cm, 80x60cm, 60x40cm. The pallet frames could also be bigger, making them non standard pallet frames – produced specially for you.

Thanks to the special pallet frame hinges and accesorries, the pallet boards are precisely placed on a pallet, with the hinges holding the pallet frames in place. This allows the pallet boards to be placed one on top of another, as tall as it is necessary, creating a rather tall box. Such boxes, made out of pallet frames, are mostly used in:

  1. Warehouses and warehouse type shops.
  2. Transporting small and fragile objects.
  3. Self-serving shops and supermarket equipment

The common wood that is being used for the production of the pallet frames is pinewood. Standard height of the frame is 19.5cm. There is an option to have various types of collars.

High quality, single plank of wood.
High quality, the frame is glued from 2 pieces.

Lower quality – the collar can have small defects on the inside.

The pallet collars are a long-term solution and is dependant on the usage. If used with care, it can last more than 10 years.

Ask about the production of pallet collars:

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Painted wooden pallets

Painted pallets are most commonly used in retail and exhibitions. Usually, pallets get painted in dark colors, so that it won’t be visible if they do happen to get dirty.

The painting of the pallets can be done in any color, after the client chooses the correct RAL code from the catalogue.
There are 2 types of paint job available:

  • Modular paint, for the pallets that will be used inside.
  • Non-modular paint/ wood stain, for the pallets that will be used inside.
  • Modular paint, for the pallets that will be used outside.
  • Non-modular paint/ wood stain, for the pallets that will be used outside.


Various sizes are available. Both standard and non-standard. Ask us about the production of painted pallets:

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Colored pallet collars for retail

Pallet boards as shop and supermarket equipment. Our company produces sets which are made out of:

  1. Pallet base with wheels
  2. Pallet collars
  3. Pallet cover
  4. Sloped surface for placement of various product boxes.

The paint job is available in any color, keeping the clients preferences in mind. Pallet frames can be stained using a wood staining solution , or painted with regular paint.



The color of the pallet collars can also be customised and personalised, depending on the clients wishes. The pallet frames can be painted with regular paint with special wood staining paint. Wood stained frames keep their natural wooden look, unlike the ones that got painted with regular paint.

Our company also provides pallet collar personalisation – text or logo printed on the wooden surface.

For questions about pallet collars:

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Wooden buckets and bowls

Wooden buckets and bowls can be produced using the customer provided ideas regarding the shape, size, color or wood stain. Wooden buckets and bowls are made using using simplified production methods, making them relatively cheaper than the barrels that are meant to be holding liquid. If the client wants the barrel to be able to hold liquid, a plastic container would be placed inside.
We supply wooden buckets and bowls for retailers and wholesalers. Wooden buckets and bowls are a long-lasting product, being able to serve your needs for over 10 years. Due to the fact that the production of such barrels requires mostly manual labour, we are offering a large variety of non-standard shelving and fitting solutions inside or outside the barrel.

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Production of wooden barrels

Wooden barrels can be produced in any shape or size, as well as painted or stained in your selected colour. These barrels are being produced using simplified production methods, making them relatively cheaper than the barrels that are meant to be holding liquid. If the client wants the barrel to be able to hold liquid, a plastic container would be placed inside.

Production of wooden barrels, buckets and other wooden elements, for usage in retail shops and storage facilities. Wooden barrels are an efficient, long-term solution for storage and product placement within retail shops. These barrels are being produced using a simplified production method, thus having much lower cost than the vacuum-water resistant alternatives.

We supply wooden barrels, buckets and other wooden elements for retailers and wholesalers. Wooden barrels are a stylish alternative to display stands, that would last for a long period of time. Our barrels can also be fitted with a special platform with wheels, allowing the barrel to be moved around the shop with ease.

Due to the fact that the production of such barrels requires mostly manual labour, we are offering a large variety of non-standard shelving and fitting solutions inside or outside the barrel.

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Swedish fire log candle from various types of wood

An economical, practical and handy type of fire – a burning wooden log. With this product the popular saying that “softwood doesn’t burn alone” is overthrown … only with one exception, which is called the Swedish fire log candle.

The title refers to this simple solution – across the diameter of a wooden log are cut some vertical slots and inserted a firelighter. The technology is hidden in the fact that these special vertically made cuts facilitate air flow into the log and provide burning of the log from the core outwards contrary to a regular wooden log which just like softwood burns from the outside.

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Painted wooden boxes


We offer Painted wooden boxes made in Latvia for You and Your bussiness. Wide range of color possibilities. Product can be painted in color chosen by You and customised to suit Your exact needs. We offer several types of customisation methods for You:

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Personalized wooden boxes

Natural materials, especially wood, have always been very practical and esthetic to use. Wooden boxes made out of raw boards are extremely popular type of decor
Wooden boxes can be used for:

  • Wooden boxes for corporate gifts
  • Wooden boxes as furniture
  • Wooden boxes as packaging
  • Wooden boxes décor
  • Wooden boxes for retail
  • Wooden boxes for transport

For these reasons, personalized wooden boxes are increasingly used as a powerful marketing tool. Personalization can be done in different ways:

  • Personalized wooden boxes in silk screen or digital printing method.

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