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Colored pallet frames

colored pallet frames


Pallet collars are surely an important part of modern warehousing. They make all kinds of transportation strategies easier to deal with! These days it is especially important to figure out ways to work smart, rather than working hard. This is why we, ColorWood Latvia, decided to start creating pallet collars which consist of pallet frames described in this article.


Pallet frames are serving as a compact, sturdy, and versatile solution for both product storage and transport. They have been designed to offer mainly longevity. But you cannot forget their potential to last over a decade if handled appropriately. So once you decide to invest into pallet frames, you’ve got yourself some useful helpers.


So in this article we will describe the use of colored pallet frames while demonstrating their robustness and quality.


Our pallet frames come in both standard and customizable sizes

So let’s start with the introduction of pallet frames – what are they and what to use them for.


Customizable sizes

These pallet frames or collars typically match the dimensions of the pallet base. Standard sizes from our offer include 120x80cm, 80x60cm, and 60x40cm. This way we are mirroring common pallet sizes used across industries. 


However, one of the key advantages of pallet collars is their flexibility. So keep that in mind that they can be customized to create non-standard pallet frames. That way we can meet unique requirements, accommodating businesses’ unique needs or specific products.


personalized pallet frames sizes


Sturdy wooden material

Pallet collars are commonly constructed from pinewood, known for its durability and strength. Our pallet frames and collars are made from reclaimed wood since sustainability is a big part of our brand’s, ColorWood Latvia, values.


The standard height of these frames is often 19.5cm. However, as with their dimensions, the construction of these collars can also be customized too. 


So customers can choose between single-plank high-quality wood or a frame glued from two pieces for a more cost-effective solution. Even so-called ‘lower quality’ options – which may exhibit small internal defects – do not compromise on structural integrity. They are still great at providing a sturdy, reliable collar that suits budgets of all sizes.


We offer secure assembling

The assembly of pallet collars from the frames is straightforward and secure. That is one of the most important parts of keeping efficiency alive. Special hinges and accessories ensure that the pallet boards align precisely with the base pallet. 


We can guarantee that this design not only holds the pallet frames securely in place but also allows them to be stacked on top of one another. The result is a box or also known as a pallet collar  that can be as tall as required. This flexibility is truly the best because it provides an adaptable solution for varying inventory levels and/or product sizes.


These boxes made from pallet frames find their applications in numerous areas. Warehouses and warehouse-style shops greatly benefit from them due to their space-saving. Once you use pallet frames and create collars, your company’s organization capabilities only get better. 


For transportation needs, particularly when dealing with small and fragile objects, our sturdy wooden pallet frames offer enhanced protection. As a result, the risk of damage is reduced. Self-serving shops and supermarkets also find them useful as they aid in product visibility. So there are many benefits and uses of this wonderful product!


Consider choosing colored frames

Once you’ve decided that pallet frames are something that could benefit your business, we can also offer colored pallet frames. 


Those can be useful for multiple reasons:


We offer colored pallet frames for your business. Since personalization is a big thing for us, we will surely try our best to make a deal with any client’s wishes. Frames and pallets can be either stained or painted.


The paint will give a more unique and colored effect, while staining the wood will give you a more natural, rustic vibe.


Don’t hesitate to ask about the production of pallet collars: