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Produce practical stands and displays, which will help to sell the product with attractive presentation to increase the value of your brand.

Stands and displays of wood for sales promotion

Wooden boxes for home and business

Production of non-standard carpentry – decors and props


Wood is one of the oldest materials used for improving living conditions of humanity. We strongly believe that we ,as a civilization , should continue to use this wonderful material as much as possible and eliminate usage of synthetic materials whenever possible.

Colorwood Latvia Values:

Prompt offer
Prompt offer
Liability and warranties
in production quality
knowledge of product applications
Know the purpose of the product
and offer the best solution to the client.
Eco-friendly production
Smart manufacturing
Furniture and wooden products from Latvia


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Responsible resource usage

  1. We are using only FSC approved wood in our production, it means that all wood used in our products are produced in environmentally friendly manner and all the wood materials are coming from
  2. Our designers calculate optimal and most efficient design for our clients, as  a result we save material and overall cost.
  3. In 90% of our products we use on water based colors which is environmentally friendly and do not harm human health.
  4. For our products we use leftovers from other furniture manufacturers.
  5. We use zero waste production approach it means we calculate the best possible way to cut our materials, so there are almost zero waste, if there are some leftovers we are using them in other product groups, as example, we make Advent Wreaths.
  6. Only leftovers from our production is sawdust which are used as a bedding for horses.
Our company culture is based around efficient, environmentally friendly manufacturing approaches, and all our decisions are guided by them. responsible use of resources

We together for nature and next generations

ColorwoodLatvia production is made from natural materials, that's why we feel obligated to give something back to nature, as a result, we have numerous initiatives on how to use our materials efficiently, give something to society and improve our manufacturing processes so we are leaving smaller carbon blueprint in our environment.

Here are just some of the initiatives what we perform:

We are evolving our friends, families and new generations in woodworking processes to help them to step aside form computers and do something with the wood. In our factory, they can work with wood leftovers from our manufacturing processes to build their own projects.

We take care of our little flying friends by building birdhouses and giving them to locals completely for free.

In our manufacturing facility every month we are making open days for everyone so they can use our instruments and leftovers for their personal projects.

At this moment with help from our factory craftsman the people have already built all kinds of garden furniture, wooden crates, and decorative elements for the home.

If you want to know more or build something awesome with your own hands, please contact us!

Use of wooden boxes in everyday life

ColorwoodLatvia representatives are organizing a public presentation on how practical it is to use wooden boxes in everyday life. This time we visited the residents of Mārupe, we showed how easy it is to make a box. All you need is a hammer to make a box of your own DIY or "Do it yourself" model developed by Colorwoodlatvia. Our DIY kit includes precision chopped boards placed in a cardboard box, complete with nails and instructions. No special carpentry skills and the box is ready in 5 minutes! We showed and involved people of all generations in making castes. For everyone who got involved - a box for free. Thanks to Maxima store for supporting such a project.

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