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Production of wooden barrels

Wooden barrels can be produced in any shape or size, as well as painted or stained in your selected colour. These barrels are being produced using simplified production methods, making them relatively cheaper than the barrels that are meant to be holding liquid. If the client wants the barrel to be able to hold liquid, a plastic container would be placed inside.

Production of wooden barrels, buckets and other wooden elements, for usage in retail shops and storage facilities. Wooden barrels are an efficient, long-term solution for storage and product placement within retail shops. These barrels are being produced using a simplified production method, thus having much lower cost than the vacuum-water resistant alternatives.

We supply wooden barrels, buckets and other wooden elements for retailers and wholesalers. Wooden barrels are a stylish alternative to display stands, that would last for a long period of time. Our barrels can also be fitted with a special platform with wheels, allowing the barrel to be moved around the shop with ease.

Due to the fact that the production of such barrels requires mostly manual labour, we are offering a large variety of non-standard shelving and fitting solutions inside or outside the barrel.