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Retail stands, wooden display stands and product placement solutions

Retail stands made out of wood, produced and adapted specifically in order to provide long-term display solution for your product, lasting at least 6 months. If you compare the wooden stands to the usual cardboard stands that are seen everywhere – our stands are made from furniture material and are made to last long-term. Retail stands have one of the most important sales functions, highlighting the product and providing more information about it, which is hard to do with other types of stands.


The most common material from which the stands are made of is MDF. This material is easy to process and it allows us to cut out all kinds of shapes. The surface of the material is plane, which really helps the painting process – giving the stand an exclusive look.

The second most common material is melamine (or chipboard), which gets covered with a thin layer of lamination during the production process. This material is quite cheaper than MDF, however it has a limited choice for color.jas.

The process

Retail stands and additional solutions

Retail stands and various accessories

Production of the wooden stands


Wooden stands and the factors that affect the costs

Important steps to remember before the production of the stand.

Our company can produce wooden stands in a disassembled way and provide an assembly manual to every stand. We can also take over the logistics and the utilisation services.

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