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Retail stands, wooden display stands and product placement solutions


wooden display stands

Wooden retail stands have become one of the most popular choices for many businesses. Sustainability is definitely one of the main reasons because every modern business has to be as eco-friendly as possible. And it just so happens to be that our wooden display stands are specially designed and manufactured to offer a durable display solution.

Unlike the ubiquitous cardboard stands, wooden display stands are constructed using quality furniture materials. That way we are ensuring they withstand the test of time and retain their functionality and appeal for at least six months.

So in this article we would like for you to get to know our, ColorWood Latvia, created wooden display stands. 

Retail stands that capture clients attention

The primary objective of retail stands is to enhance product visibility. You have to make it the focal point of customers’ attention. These stands serve as an efficient medium to convey vital product information, a feat difficult to achieve with other types of stands.

Medium-density fibreboard, commonly known as MDF, is the most prevalent material used in crafting these stands. Its easy processability allows for a variety of intricate shapes to be carved out, providing flexibility in design. 

And the flat surface of MDF simplifies the painting process too. As a result, enabling an elegant, exclusive look for the retail display stand.

Alternatively, some wooden display stands are constructed from melamine or chipboard. Then covered with a thin lamination layer during production. Although a more economical choice than MDF, melamine offers a limited color range.

The making of our wooden display stands

If you’re wondering where we even begin from, here are the main first 4 steps in creating our wooden display stands.


wooden display stands


In addition to these basic components, wooden retail stands can also feature interactive screens that showcase the product through audio-visual demonstrations. 

Lighting can serve a dual purpose:

Testing accessories enable potential buyers to try the product themselves, adding an interactive dimension to the buying process.

Criteria for choosing the right supplier

The stands can also accommodate various accessories like the popular “Eurowall”. A cost-effective, attractive solution featuring a metal rail installed into the wooden display stand, allowing flexible product placement. 

Other options include a perforated metal wall for vertical and horizontal product display, and shelves with different fitting techniques.

Choosing the right supplier for your wooden display stand involves ensuring they offer 3D visualization and prototype production. Also, keep in mind that your supplier must have specific painting rooms equipped with water walls for dust collection. That is a must because it ensures even paint application.

If the stand needs to be shipped over long distances, it must be packed in a protective transport box to guard against damage. Once the stand has served its purpose, consider its disposal or repurposing. Some companies, like ours, provide maintenance or disassembly services for used stands.

We are also represented as a major supplier of display stands in Europe on the marketing fixtures platform You can see our offer on ColorWood Latvia company profile.

The production cost of wooden display stands

The production cost of a wooden stand is influenced by several factors. Since these stands are handcrafted with the same care as delicate furniture, manual labor accounts for 20-30% of the total cost. 

Surprisingly, transportation and packaging contribute to 10-20% of the cost, while the rest covers material and machinery expenses. Though a prototype’s production may cost more than a single stand, its cost is usually included in the total price for bulk orders.

Before commissioning a stand, several aspects need to be considered:

We at ColorWood Latvia offer comprehensive solutions, producing disassembled wooden display stands complete with assembly manuals. 

We can also manage logistics and disposal services, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients from start to finish.

So make sure to contant us if you have any further questions!