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Pallet displays
Pallet Collar Display Stand

Pallet Collar Display Stand

Retail product display stands made from pallet collars. This modular wooden display stand solution is durable and long-lasting.


Our wooden display stands from pallet collars are available in various sizes. These stands can be assembled from different elements, such as display lids, grids, display crates, and dollies for fixture mobility. The metal hinges make pallet racks fit precisely on the pallet or mobile platform (dolly). As a result, the corner pallet collar hinges keep them stable. The pallet collars can be stacked in 2, 3, or 4 levels.

Pallet collar stand specification

Our pallet collars are made from wide, high-quality softwood planks or plywood. The height of one module is 19,5 cm.


Pallet collars are designed for dimensions of standard pallets in sizes: 120x80cm (Euro pallet), 80x60cm (Half Euro pallet), and 60x40cm (1/4 pallet).


We also accept custom orders and may produce pallet collar stands for non-standard dimensions specified by the customer.


Sustainability is one of our key priorities, so we focus on quality to make collar stands durable and long-lasting. Under proper use, they can be used for around ten years. With repainting, they will last even longer. As a standard offer, we offer collar display stands in three colors: black, dark grey, or light grey. These are the most practical and popular colors by our customers. However, upon request, we can also paint the retail display stands in other color.


Retail stands made from pallet collars are a modular construction that is built from multiple elements. The base is made from pallet collars stacked in multiple levels. It can be adjusted for different product placement variations – by adding lids, display baskets or wheels.


Here are all the elements:


For more information about pallet collar stands and how to use them in retail read our article Colored pallet collars for retail.



Product features

Width, cm
Depth, cm
Height, cm
Weight, kg
Weight capacity, kg
Usage term
Flat delivery
Country of origin
80 cm
80 cm
90 cm
40 kg
80 kg
over 10 years
Flat packed
Latvia / EU


Wooden planks
Plastic details
Metal fittings
Metal screws

Additional services

Custom colours
Assembling instruction
Custom sizes
Special printing design
Topsign change
Cardboard packaging
Sample manufacturing

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