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Angled Display for Pallet Collars

Angled Display for Pallet Collars

Angled display for pallet collars is a convenient way to display products in supermarkets. The angled display allows you to place inclined crates on top for attention-grabbing product placement. Pallet collar retail stands with angled displays are particularly suitable for fruits and vegetables but are also good for displaying sweets or beverage products.


Angled displays provide an additional way to display products and attract the customer's attention in the supermarket. That way pallet collar stands gain a new way to display goods.


Pallet collar stands are used in supermarket chains of all sizes, garden and homeware stores. They are particularly popular in Scandinavian countries because they make moving heavy products easier, save time, and create a safer working environment.

Angled display for pallet collars specification

Our angled displays for pallet collars are made out of thick, water-resistant birch plywood. They are manufactured using scraps of plywood materials. This product, therefore, supports the company’s sustainable management approach.


The angled displays for pallet collar stands are manufactured in the exact sizes as the pallet collars. The most popular sizes are 120x80cm, 80x60cm, or 60x40cm. We can also produce in other dimensions – adapting to the customer’s wishes.


The surface angle is 30 degrees.


Retail stands made from pallet collars are a modular construction that is built from multiple elements. The base is made from pallet collars stacked in multiple levels. It can be adjusted for different product placement variations – by adding lids, display baskets or wheels.


Here are all the elements:


For more information about pallet collar stands and how to use them in retail read our article Colored pallet collars for retail.

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Wooden stand modules made of pallet collars, mobile, quickly assembled and dismantled for everyday use. We produce the complete set - pallet trolley, painted pallet edging, and covers. A sought-after and economic stand for low-price and warehouse-type shops.

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