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Pallet displays
Product Display Fencing and Dividers

Product Display Fencing and Dividers

Product display fencing and dividers can be used for pallet collar display stands for easy product placement. This is a good solution if there's a need to separate different products on pallet collar display stands.


These dividers are also useful for products that may require air circulation, such as fruit and vegetables. Product dividers are a good addition to any store that will both look good and last a long time. They are available in 2 options – made from metal or wood. 


ColorWood Latvia pallet collar display stands are an excellent low-cost solution in high demand in European supermarkets. Pallet collar displays are used in supermarket chains of all sizes, gardens, and homeware stores.


They are particularly popular in Scandinavian countries because these retail stands make moving heavy products easier, save time, and create a safer working environment.

Product display dividers specification

The product is available both from wood or metal. Both materials are sustainable and durable therefore will last a long time.


Our product dividers for pallet collar stands are produced in the exact dimensions of the pallet collars. The most popular sizes are 120x80cm, 80x60cm, or 60x40cm. We can also manufacture in other sizes and adapt to the customer’s wishes.


Retail stands made from pallet collars are a modular construction that is built from multiple elements. The base is made from pallet collars stacked in multiple levels. It can be adjusted for different product placement variations – by adding lids, display baskets or wheels.


Here are all the elements:


For more information about pallet collar stands and how to use them in retail read our article Colored pallet collars for retail.

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We produce custom wooden display stands. Various display stand modifications and printing types are possible. We make stands from different wood materials such as birch plywood, pine wood planks, alder wood planks. Painted with various shades of water-based ecological stains.

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We produce wooden promotional furniture to enhance the presentation of products and services with a strategic focus on displaying its most prominent features and benefits. Our wooden products support your advertising campaigns and brand building incentives. Branded wooden display stands will increase sales by attracting customers and motivating them to purchase.

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