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Floor standing display stands
Portable Wooden Display Stand

Portable Wooden Display Stand

A shop display stand that can be conveniently placed both outdoors and indoors. The stand has several compartments for displaying products.


The shop display stand can be customised with posters, price signs and side advertising. An excellent alternative to cardboard stands, especially advantageous for small runs. We also produce other sizes to order.

Consists of 3 interconnected 40x60cm wooden boxes. Height 160-190cm. The wooden stand can be disassembled and assembled in a few minutes. The stand takes up half the space when dismantled.

Product features

Width, cm
Depth, cm
Height, cm
Weight, kg
Weight capacity, kg
Usage term
Flat delivery
Country of origin
64 cm
55 cm
180 cm
15 kg
45 kg
over 10 years
Flat packed
Latvia / EU


Wooden planks
Plastic details
Metal fittings
Metal screws

Additional services

Custom colours
Assembling instruction
Custom sizes
Special printing design
Topsign change
Cardboard packaging
Sample manufacturing


4 gab.
20 pcs.
Over 50 pcs.

Price, EUR

136 EUR
102 EUR
75 EUR


3 wk.
4-5 wk.
6-8 wk.


To find out how much it will cost to produce a stand tailored to your needs, contact us using the contact form below.

ColorWood Latvia is a Latvian wooden custom furniture brand that offers various types of quality wooden promotional furniture to suit individual needs and budgets. Our mission is to increase your brand value and sales through customized wooden solutions tailored to each client. We can make any idea into life and help your business grow.

Special product placement in large volumes - shop-in-shop wooden stands. Modular solutions and space-saving. Our customers achieve excellent results with wooden shop-in-shop stands.

Price enquiry

To get a quote for your specific need, please fill in the form. We work with bulk orders. For a more accurate quotation, please describe the need for the product, the intended application, the number required and the delivery time.