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Wooden Flower Display Stand

Wooden Flower Display Stand

Wooden flower display stand. Thanks to their modular wood pedestal system, the size and shape of the stands can be quickly changed. The flower display stands are equipped with wheels for easy movement.


Practical and design attractiveness, the wooden flower stands will boost sales. They will also reduce the space required for display, but will allow the goods to be displayed in a way that is easy for customers to see and reach.

Wooden stands specification

This versatile flower stand is suitable for supermarket chains, for a uniform style of flower point of sale. We offer a complete solution and additional accessories, lighting, a poster and price sign display system, metal trays and self-service flower packing tables.

Manufacture of wooden stands on request

If you are interested in ordering this or a similar product in bulk, feel free to contact us using the contact form below. We are also open to specific - non-standard orders.

We offer a wide range of wooden display stands for retail shops, cafes, and restaurants. Wooden displays are an essential part of retail furniture that shapes the interior design of the point of sale, and the image of the company and boosts sales. We are open to different solutions to produce exactly the sales furniture you need.

We produce wooden promotional furniture to enhance the presentation of products and services with a strategic focus on displaying its most prominent features and benefits. Our wooden products support your advertising campaigns and brand building incentives. Branded wooden display stands will increase sales by attracting customers and motivating them to purchase.

Price enquiry

To get a quote for your specific need, please fill in the form. We work with bulk orders. For a more accurate quotation, please describe the need for the product, the intended application, the number required and the delivery time.