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Colorwood Latvia manufactures wooden stands and marketing furniture for the rustic industry. Our products such as wooden crates, table display stands, wooden counters, wooden display stands for rustic industry will serve to enhance your brand presentation in the in-store environment among your competitors. Our marketing furniture meets European quality standards, following sustainable production guidelines. Take a look at our products here.

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Colorwood Latvia rustic wooden furniture in use 


Colorwood Latvia Wooden display stands and other marketing accessories are becoming essential tools, so our rustic-style furniture can significantly improve customer engagement and brand appearance. Our wooden crates, known for their vintage look, serve as product display options for organic stores, wine merchants or craft retailers.


Our sturdy wooden counters and display stands are also practical and aesthetically appealing. These items can be tailored to specific promotional needs, ensuring that every item on display attracts attention and thus enhances the appearance of the brand.


Why choose Colorwood Latvia?


Colorwood Latvia’s many years of experience in the production of marketing furniture and wooden stands and our cooperation with international companies will help you achieve higher sales results. Your order will be handled with attention to the most important details, from thoughtful, compact and sustainable transport to convenient installation of the wooden stand at the point of sale.


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Marketing benefits of furniture and displays in the rustic industry.


Marketing impact: Products are developed to meet specific marketing needs of customers, helping to increase brand awareness and impact. Using Colorwood Latvia’s product designs, clients can implement successful brand advertising that will attract consumer attention and drive sales.


Personalization: Colorwood Latvia offers customized solutions that meet the specific brand needs of our customers, ensuring that every element of the display matches your brand colors.


Quality production: With twenty years of experience in the local and European market, the company guarantees durable and aesthetically appealing stands and marketing furniture that enhance brand awareness.


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Let Colorwood Latvia enhance your brand’s visibility with quality wooden promotional furniture.

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