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Custom-made wooden production
Design Palettes Made from Wood Offcuts

Design Palettes Made from Wood Offcuts

Design palettes made from wood offcuts made from natural wood scraps - 90% Zero-waste. Painted wood pallet display can be made with your logo.


A practical and design-attractive product with a range of applications. Will help to enhance your company's brand image.

Design Palettes Made from Wood Offcuts specification

A product of softwood and birch plywood off-cuts. Coated with water-based paint or stain. Logo printing and production in specific sizes also possible.

Product features

Width, cm
Depth, cm
Height, cm
Weight, kg
Weight capacity, kg
Usage term
Flat delivery
Country of origin
30 cm
20 cm
5 cm
0,3 kg
20 kg
over 10 years
Fully assembled
Latvia / EU


Wooden planks
Plastic details
Metal fittings
Metal screws

Additional services

Custom colours
Assembling instruction
Custom sizes
Special printing design
Topsign change
Cardboard packaging
Sample manufacturing

Manufacture pallet display on request

If you are interested in ordering this or a similar product in bulk, feel free to contact us using the contact form below. We are also open to specific - non-standard orders.

We are an eco-friendly and sustainable manufacturer of wooden advertising and HoReCa furniture. While producing and distributing our products, our primary goal is environmental sustainability. We use reclaimed wood materials and ecological paints and ensure an eco-friendly supply chain. We operate as a retailer and a wholesaler offering the manufacturer's prices.

Sustainably produced wood products from off-cuts. 90% zero waste products - painted wooden mini pallets and pedestals. Wide range of colors and sizes.

Price enquiry

To get a quote for your specific need, please fill in the form. We work with bulk orders. For a more accurate quotation, please describe the need for the product, the intended application, the number required and the delivery time.

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