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Discover ColorWood Latvia pallet-sized stands where sustainability meets functionality. Our products are carefully crafted from environmentally friendly material – wood. This category includes products such as pallet collar display stands, durable lids for pallet collar, versatile display pallet dolly’s and space-efficient sales stands.

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The advantages of pallet-sized displays in retail

When it comes to making your store look its best, pallet-sized displays are one of the best choices. ColorWood Latvia has developed a range of such stands, from pallet racks and wooden product pyramids to display pallet dollies. We also offer storage boxes and special sales stands. These sales stands are great for showcasing products, organising spaces and keeping everything looking neat and eco-friendly.


Why are pallet display wooden stands the best choice?

Wood lasts forever. Not only is it natural and environmentally friendly, it also adds warmth and charm to any room. ColorWood Latvia has been champions of wood products for more than 20 years. We offer unique wooden products such as product pyramids, pedestals and storage cubes. These wooden products are durable, versatile and adaptable to different needs. In addition, choosing wood means choosing environmentally friendly choices, which is always a benefit.


Colorwood Latvia experience and quality

With two decades in the industry, ColorWood Latvia is a trusted name in the design of wooden stands and sales displays. Our long history is a testament to our commitment to quality, sustainability and customer satisfaction. Whether you’re preparing for a festive sale, launching a new product or simply want to freshen up the look of your store, we have the perfect solution. Our display stands are not only easy to use, but also cost-effective, ensuring that both your staff and your company budget benefit. These wooden pallet display stands are perfect for businesses that aim to combine aesthetics with practicality, and will not only enhance the atmosphere of your store, but also highlight your company’s responsibility towards the environment.




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